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How to make your flower arrangement last for several weeks

The best things are generally short-lived, and that’s true for flowers in flower arrangements.

The care varies depending on the type of arrangement you have received and the type of flower that makes it up.

There is a golden rule of thumb to extend the life of your fixings and this is to add water (hopefully warm) as soon as possible after the present is ​​received. There are times that during transport, the amount of water in the arrangement is reduced to avoid spills in the vehicle that transported it to your home, in other cases when the flowers are in a basket, the plants that are part of the arrangement after several hours they absorb the precious liquid, or simply if the environment is very dry evaporation occurs. That is why it is important to ensure that your arrangement is hydrated.

If you live in a warm area or have heating in your home or office where you are going to place the arrangement, use a trigger bottle (of those used to spread water in the form of mist) to humidify the flower petals from a prudent distance of 8 ″ (approx 20cm), where only the dew reaches the flowers, this is very important especially in the case that your flower arrangement has hydrangeas, or if you notice dryness on the flower petals or the other plants used to complement the layout of the arrangement.

It is also important to change the water in the vase after three days, using warm water but not before washing the vase very well and also add to the water a floral preservative, also known as flower food or “flower food”, according to the instructions on the packaging. that product.